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Devil’s Hand

The rock and the ghost town of Pentedattilo, Calabria, Italy.

Pentedattilo, Italy

On Easter night of 1686, 40 armed men enter the castle nestled in the rock formation above the village of Pentedattilo. In a merciless action they exterminated all the Alberti family, lords of Pentedattilo. After this tragic event the locals start to nickname the rock Devil’s Hand. At sunset, the warm sun rays color the sandstone rock reddish suggesting the blood shed in the night of the massacre. Nowadays remain only a few ruins of the castle and the village of Pentedattilo is now a ghost town.

Old Beat-Up Fiat Uno Car

Dilapidated car in the abandoned village of Ferruzzano Superiore, Calabria, Italy.I saw this dilapidated car in an alley of Ferruzzano Superiore, a hilltop village in Calabria, southern Italy. This beat-up car is (or was) a Fiat Uno: a model widespread in Italy in the eighties and nineties. Probably at that time the slow abandonment of the village of Ferruzzano Superiore had already started a few decades before.

Stepping Into the Cave

Shadow of a man entering an abandoned cave church,Brancaleone Vetus, Calabria, Italy.

Brancaleone Vetus, Calabria, Italy

No, this is not Indiana Jones. That’s me (ie, my shadowstepping into a cave. The early morning sun shines horizontally into the cave creating this striking contrasts. This cave is in Old Brancaleone, a ghost town in southern Italy. The cave was dug in the tuff and, in ancient times, acted as a cave church. Recently, it seems, was a stable for donkeys.