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The ghost town of Brancaleone Superiore, Calabria, Italy.

Brancaleone Ghost Town (Summer 2016)

My origins are from Brancaleone, a small coastal village in the Calabria region, southern Italy. I go there often. A few kilometers from the coast, at the top of a hill, there is the original village called Brancaleone Superiore (Upper Brancaleone) or Brancaleone Vecchio (Old Brancaleone). This village was abandoned in the 50s of the last century after some landslides. Brancaleone Superiore is now a ghost town. Read more

Last Sun on Pentedattilo

Ghost town of Pentedattilo at sunset.

Pentedattilo, Calabria, Italy

Again Pentedattilo. This time the core of the abandoned village at sunset. I took this picture just a few minutes before the photo of my previous post. This ancient village was abandoned more than forty years ago. After restoration works, the ghost town of Pentedattilo is visited by many tourists during the summer. The rest of the year, Pentedattilo reverts to a solitary and terrifying place. Brrr!