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Rhine Falls in Winter

Rhine Falls in winter, Neuhausen, Switzerland.

Rhine Falls, early February. The thermometer marks 4 degrees Celsius below Zero and the sky is overcast. The flat light and the bare vegetation confer the scenery a dreary and desolate aspect. Very few tourists face the biting cold this morning to visit the Rhine Falls. What a contrast to the noisy crowd that visits this popular tourist attraction during the summer. And yet, even in this melancholic winter look the Rhine Falls keep up their appeal.

Rhine Falls

Located at the northernmost edge of Switzerland, the Rhine Falls are Europe’s mightiest waterfall. The noise of water crashing against the rocks is awesome and the moisture at the panoramic terraces is so excessive that can seriously cause problems to the photo equipment. I damaged one of my best lenses. But this is a different Story.

Updated 17 November 2013