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Motorboat of Carabinieri (Police), Venice, Italy

Venice – Not Only Gondolas

In Venice, Italy, I enjoyed exploring the less touristy areas. Where the gondolas are rare. It is there that one understands the uniqueness of this city. All that in other cities is on wheels in Venice is on water: taxis, buses, freight transport, garbage collection, police…

Ancient theatre of Taormina with Mt. Etna, Sicily.

Taormina – Fantastic Views

Spectacularly located, the town of Taormina is the most exclusive tourist destination of Sicily. The ancient theater, the fantastic view of Mount Etna that slopes down towards the Ionian Sea and the Dolce Vita mood make Taormina the essence of Sicily, at least for tourists. I was in Taormina in mid-March and I was lucky enough to get a first taste of summer. Read more

Goats walking on the ruins of Brancaleone Superiore, Calabria, Italy.

Brancaleone Ghost Town (Summer 2016)

My origins are from Brancaleone, a small coastal village in the Calabria region, southern Italy. I go there often. A few kilometers from the coast, at the top of a hill, there is the original village called Brancaleone Superiore (Upper Brancaleone) or Brancaleone Vecchio (Old Brancaleone). This village was abandoned in the 50s of the last century after some landslides. Brancaleone Superiore is now a ghost town. Read more

Zurich, Switzerland




Venice, Italy