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Catania - La Pescheria Fish Market

La Pescheria – Catania’s Lively Fish Market

La Pescheria is the lively fish market of the city of Catania. Easy to find, from  the central square Piazza del Duomo, just follow the screams of the fishmongers shouting their best price. Swordfish, tuna and everything else that comes from the sea can be admired on the various market stalls. Crowded, smelly, colorful and noisy – la Pescheria is the place to really get a feel for Sicilian life. Read more

The Procession

Procession of St. Anne

According to Catholic religion July 26th is the day of St. AnneSant’Anna, as it is called in Italian, is the patron saint of Palizzi, in the southern region of Calabria, Italy. Every year on this date in Palizzi Superiore (the oldest part of the municipality) there is the procession of the patron saint. Much of the population participates with deep devotion to the “processione di Sant’Anna”. It is of course an excellent opportunity to visit this semi-abandoned ancient village and photograph this popular tradition.