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Autumn colors at the Rhine Falls

So far, the autumn in Switzerland is giving us a sunny day after another rewarding us with a pleasant extension of the summer. Nevertheless the leaves on the trees are taking the typical autumn colors at the right time. Yellow, orange and brown are now prevailing in the vegetation.

I took advantage of the nice weather to visit the Rhine Falls. Once more. This waterfalls are the largest in Europe. Although, at present, good weather time has reduced a lot of the flow of the Rhine River, the Rhine Falls are still impressive. Read more

Rhine Falls in Winter

Rhine Falls in winter, Neuhausen, Switzerland.

Rhine Falls, early February. The thermometer marks 4 degrees Celsius below Zero and the sky is overcast. The flat light and the bare vegetation confer the scenery a dreary and desolate aspect. Very few tourists face the biting cold this morning to visit the Rhine Falls. What a contrast to the noisy crowd that visits this popular tourist attraction during the summer. And yet, even in this melancholic winter look the Rhine Falls keep up their appeal.