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The Procession

Procession of St. Anne

According to Catholic religion July 26th is the day of St. AnneSant’Anna, as it is called in Italian, is the patron saint of Palizzi, in the southern region of Calabria, Italy. Every year on this date in Palizzi Superiore (the oldest part of the municipality) there is the procession of the patron saint. Much of the population participates with deep devotion to the “processione di Sant’Anna”. It is of course an excellent opportunity to visit this semi-abandoned ancient village and photograph this popular tradition.

Palizzi Superiore

Palizzi, a Journey Through Time

“No wilder,  nor more extraordinary place than Palizzi can well greet artist’s eye” – Edward Lear, 1847

The medieval village of Palizzi, squeezed between the rock and the torrent, is located at the bottom of a valley surrounded by a landscape of rocks and old ruins that emerge here and there between the vegetation.The eye focuses automatically on the huge rock overlooking the town. At the top of this rock, there are the ruins of a medieval castle. Unfortunately only a few people still live in Palizzi Superiore all year round. They produce a fine wine and follow the quiet rhythm of the old days. Read more