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Siena at Night

At nightfall – currently my favorite time to photograph – the town of Siena changes its appearance. The shapes of the buildings remain the same (of course), the colors change completely instead. Palaces and churches are lit up, stand out in the dark and get new colors.  The new colors depend on the type of lighting. One thing I particularly liked to do in Siena was to walk and to photograph the many narrow streets at night. The darkness and the lit street lamps added an air of mystery to the old medieval alleys of this outstanding town.

Siena, Tuscany

The medieval town of Siena is definitely a place that had an immediate impact on me. Piazza del Campo – where the famous Palio di Siena takes place – is among the most beautiful and popular squares in Italy. And the Cathedral (Duomo) is one of the richest I’ve ever seen in TuscanyThe old town is quite large but compact and can be visited on foot. I loved walking aimlessly through the medieval alleys discovering the many hidden corners of the town. I visited Siena last March and I was lucky enough to have four beautiful sunny days.