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Dreaming of an Island

Isola di San Paolo isle, Monte Isola, Iseo Lake, Lombardy, Italy
Isola di San Paolo islet in the haze, Iseo Lake, Italy

There was a time when I dreamed of having an island of my own. Many have this dream.

Then we realize that we need a lot of money and/or a sustantial income. The dream remains a dream.

The island above is the islet of San Paolo in Lake Iseo, Italy, in a misty morning. Ah, by the way, the owners of this island produce weapons. Here it is!

Hermitage of Santa Caterina del Sasso, Leggiuno, Varese, Lombardy, Italy

Hermitage of Santa Caterina del Sasso

To get there I had to step down a long, winding and tiring stairway. But once I got down, I was rewarded by one of the most fascinating views on the Lombardy side of Lake Maggiore, Italy. Perched in the rock, a few meters above the water, two ancient buildings and a church form the Hermitage of Santa Caterina del Sasso. The sight was definitely worth the many steps. However, for those who need it there is also an elevator, also carved into the rock, but much more recent. Read more