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Main Guard Reflected

Main Guard Building, Valletta

Valletta, Malta

On that day the weather in Valletta was very changeable, passing from rain to sun in just a few minutes. Good Thing(!) because the wet tiles of St George’s Square mirrored the clouds and the Main Guard building in a wonderful way.

Hilltop town of Morano Calabro

Hilltop town of Morano Calabro at night, Calabria, Italy.

The hill town of Morano Calabro takes the slope of a perfectly conical hill. The houses are built one upon the other, it really seems that the hill is built only by houses. On top of the hill, as it should be in a village of medieval origins, there is a church and the ruins of a Castle. In the background you can see the mountains of the Pollino National Park.

Florence, Italy

Florence is one of the most beautiful and most visited historical cities of Italy. It is the capital of Tuscany and the cradle of the Renaissance. Florence was also the birthplace of the Italian language and is home to a host of palaces, churches, galleries and museums. A real boon for any photographer.

Siena at Night

At nightfall – currently my favorite time to photograph – the town of Siena changes its appearance. The shapes of the buildings remain the same (of course), the colors change completely instead. Palaces and churches are lit up, stand out in the dark and get new colors.  The new colors depend on the type of lighting. One thing I particularly liked to do in Siena was to walk and to photograph the many narrow streets at night. The darkness and the lit street lamps added an air of mystery to the old medieval alleys of this outstanding town.