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Skulls in the Fontanelle Cemetery

Skulls in the Fontanelle Cemetery in Naples, Italy.

Fontanelle Cemetery, Naples, Italy

The Fontanelle Cemetery in Naples, Italy, is an ossuary, a charnel house. In the past, they were stacked in a tuff quarry the corpses of the great plague of 1656 and the 1836 cholera. In this ossuary Neapolitans spontaneously developed a real cult of the dead. People adopted and took care of the skulls hoping to receive favors.


Last Sun on Pentedattilo

Ghost town of Pentedattilo at sunset.

Pentedattilo, Calabria, Italy

Again Pentedattilo. This time the core of the abandoned village at sunset. I took this picture just a few minutes before the photo of my previous post. This ancient village was abandoned more than forty years ago. After restoration works, the ghost town of Pentedattilo is visited by many tourists during the summer. The rest of the year, Pentedattilo reverts to a solitary and terrifying place. Brrr!


Devil’s Hand

The rock and the ghost town of Pentedattilo, Calabria, Italy.

Pentedattilo, Italy

On Easter night of 1686, 40 armed men enter the castle nestled in the rock formation above the village of Pentedattilo. In a merciless action they exterminated all the Alberti family, lords of Pentedattilo. After this tragic event the locals start to nickname the rock Devil’s Hand. At sunset, the warm sun rays color the sandstone rock reddish suggesting the blood shed in the night of the massacre. Nowadays remain only a few ruins of the castle and the village of Pentedattilo is now a ghost town.

Main Guard Reflected

Main Guard Building, Valletta

Valletta, Malta

On that day the weather in Valletta was very changeable, passing from rain to sun in just a few minutes. Good Thing(!) because the wet tiles of St George’s Square mirrored the clouds and the Main Guard building in a wonderful way.