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Daybreak in Siracusa

The waterfront of Ortygia, Syracuse at dawn, Sicily, Italy.

Siracusa, Sicily

This photo was taken three years ago. I was in Siracusa (Syracuse) in Sicily and the picture shows the seafront of Ortigia at first light of the day. Now I decided to re-edit  this image in a different way. It seems to me that this new version better conveys the atmosphere of the upcoming sunrise. Compare it with the first version of this Image.

Last Night of Christmas Lights

Christmas lights on the Bahnhofstrasse in Zurich, Switzerland.

Zürich, Switzerland

Christmas and New Year Holidays are over. Alas, all the cheerful Christmas lights are now off everywhere. To comfort us here’s one last photo of the Christmas lights in Zürich. Luckily the light of day in the northern hemisphere begins to lengthen.