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The ghost town of Roghudi Vecchio (Old Roghudi), Calabria, Italy.

Back to Roghudi Vecchio

There are places that mean a lot to me. The ghost town of Roghudi Vecchio, Old Roghudi, is one of these. This abandoned village is one of the most fascinating and mysterious places in Calabria region, southern Italy. It is not easy to get there, Roghudi Vecchio is located in one of the most isolated and wild areas of the Aspromonte mountains.


Reggio Calabria Cathedral


I was photographing the Cathedral of Reggio Calabria lit up at night. A lady stopped in front of me making a series of mobile photos. How irritating! However, I continued to photograph with the lady in the foreground. Well, in the end it was the best photo of that evening. Many thanks to the unknown lady.

Goats walking on the ruins of Brancaleone Superiore, Calabria, Italy.

Brancaleone Ghost Town (Summer 2016)

My origins are from Brancaleone, a small coastal village in the Calabria region, southern Italy. I go there often. A few kilometers from the coast, at the top of a hill, there is the original village called Brancaleone Superiore (Upper Brancaleone) or Brancaleone Vecchio (Old Brancaleone). This village was abandoned in the 50s of the last century after some landslides. Brancaleone Superiore is now a ghost town. Read more