Discovering Ragusa Ibla

I like historic towns. Places where you can go back in time. Ragusa Ibla is one of these. Located in the southeastern corner of Sicily, Ragusa Ibla is the oldest district of the city of Ragusa. Medieval alleys, Baroque churches and palaces: walking Ragusa Ibla was like visiting an open-air museum.

Ragusa Ibla - Antonio Violi Photography
Ragusa Ibla - Antonio Violi Photography

The earthquake of 1693

In 1693 an earthquake devastated Ragusa. The city was rebuilt in a new place. However, many aristocratic families remained in the old site and rebuilt their palazzi and churches in the architectural style then in vogue: the Baroque.

Antonio Violi Photography
Stairway in Ragusa Ibla, Sicily, Italy - Antonio Violi Photography

Baroque masks

As mentioned, after the earthquake the nobles rebuilt Ragusa Ibla in Baroque style. I especially liked the Grotesque Masks supporting the balconies, typical of the Sicilian Baroque.

Ragusa Ibla nowadays

Since 2002 is part of the UNESCO World Heritage Site Late Baroque Towns of the Val di Noto. In addition, for several years it has been one of the locations of the popular television series Inspector Montalbano. Both things have made Ragusa Ibla one of the main tourist attractions of Sicily.

Antonio Violi Photography

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