Venice – Not Only Gondolas

In Venice, Italy, I enjoyed exploring the less touristy areas. Where the gondolas are rare. It is there that one understands the uniqueness of this city. All that in other cities is on wheels in Venice is on water: taxis, buses, freight transport, garbage collection, police…

Cargo boat in Venice, Italy
Cargo boat at work
Cargo boats in Venice, Italy
Brave overtaking
Parked Sailboat in Venice, Italy
Sailing boat parked in front of the door
Motorboat of Carabinieri (Police), Venice, Italy
Motorboat of Carabinieri (Police)
Fruit and vegetable canal boat shop in Venice, Italy
Fruits and vegetables canal boat shop
Narrow canals in Venice, Italy
Narrow canals
Grand Canal with Santa Maria della Salute church from Accademia bridge, Venice, Italy
Watertaxis and Waterbuses (Vaporetti) on Gran Canal

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