Sailing the Aeolian Islands

The Aeolian Islands are a volcanic archipelago north of Sicily, in the middle of the Mediterranean Sea. Named after the wind god Aeolus, a great way to visit them is on a sailing boat. And I did it! In early July, along with two friends, I sailed around the islands of Vulcano, Lipari, Panarea and Stromboli – four of the seven islands that form this archipelago.

Sailing towards the island of Lipari
Anchoring in front of the white pumice stone quarries on the island of Lipari
Sunrise in a bay of the island of Panarea
A high column of smoke rises from the crater of the Stromboli volcano
SCIARA DEL FUOCO, the volcanic slopes of the island of Stromboli
Sailing away from the island of Stromboli
Sunrise in the bay of the island of Vulcano, with the slopes of the volcano in the background
That’s me at the bow before arriving at the island of Panarea
Sunset on the Tyrrhenian Sea near Lipari


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