Siracusa – Ortigia, When it Gets Dark

The island of Ortigia is the historic center of the city of Siracusa, Sicily. I think it can be considered a true open-air museum with monuments that tell the story of the Mediterranean of the last three millennia (see my last post). But it is when it gets dark and the lights come on that Ortigia  Island reveals even more its special charm.

Inside the Fountain of Arethusa grows the papyrus plant
Fountain of Arethusa – inside grows the papyrus plant, unique in Europe
Piazza Duomo square and Cathedral of Siracusa
Cathedral of Siracusa, the Doric columns of the ancient Greek temple of Athena are incorporated into the building
Alley of the old town
Temple of Apollo, dated 6th century BC, is the most ancient Doric temple in Sicily

And then, at the end of so much history, it is pleasant to rest watching the lights of the city reflected on the Mediterranean Sea.

Eastern waterfront at dusk




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