Siracusa – Ortigia Island

Ortigia (Ortygia) is a small island very close to the east coast of Sicily. The isle has always been the heart of the city of Siracusa (Syracuse) and looks back on a history of almost three millennia. I liked strolling around Ortigia getting lost in the many narrow streets, crossing the ages of Mediterranean history in its buildings and monuments. And then, as said, it’s a small island and every walk ended up on the sea with beautiful views of the waterfront.

Siracusa -  Duomo

Cathedral of Siracusa – the building incorporates the Doric columns of the temple of Athena

Siracusa - Lungomare Alfeo

Lungomare Alfeo – Alfeo Seapromenade

Siracusa - Fountain of Diana

Fountain of Diana

Siracusa - Quay of the Port

Quay of the port


Greek Temple of Apollo

Siracusa - Fonte Aretusa

Fonte Aretusa – Fountain of Arethusa – papyrus grows in the center of the spring

Siracusa - Waterfront of Ortigia

Maniace castle


The silver scabbardfish was still alive and wriggling in the hands of the fish monger.


Canoe Polo match in the Darsena canal


Alley of medieval Ortigia – only for small vehicles


Andrea Bisleri and its typical Sicilian sandwiches, an institution of the old market of Ortigia.

Siracusa - Palazzo Lucchetti

Palazzo Lucchetti and Darsena channel

Siracusa - San Martino Church

San Martino church

Siracusa - Waterfront of Ortigia

Western waterfront before sunset


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