The ghost town of Roghudi Vecchio (Old Roghudi), Calabria, Italy.

Back in Old Roghudi

Roghudi was a rural village in the rugged mountains of Calabria, southern Italy. People belonged to the Greek-Calabrian minority. In October 1971 a flood forced them to evacuate their hamlet. The abandoned village is now a ghost town.




Nestled in a deep gorge of the Amendolea river, Old Roghudi (Italian: Roghudi Vecchio) is within the Aspromonte National Park. The buildings still cling to the rocky ridge that overlooks the dry riverbed. The outer walls of the houses are still standing. Most of the tiled roofs have collapsed.




The evacuated people of Old Roghudi were later reunited in a new town on the coast, 40 kilometers away. They belonged to the Greek-Calabrian linguistic minorities, the idiom is now spoken only by some elder people. Alas, the abandonment of the old town accelerated the disuse of their language.
















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