See Naples and Die

See Naples and Die: the popular phrase suggests that before you die you must experience the beauty and magnificence of the city of Naples, Italy.

Last February I finally visited Naples. I found that the old saying is still valid. The wonderful views of the Bay of Naples and the silhouette of Mount Vesuvius in the background make this a truly unique city.



13 Responses to “See Naples and Die”

  1. parikhitdutta

    Beautifully photographed. I loved the one captioned ‘Castel dell’Ovo’. The afternoon sun, the shade and hue, it’s deliciously breathtaking!

  2. parikhitdutta

    Beautifully captured! I love the photograph captioned ‘Castel dell’Ovo’, the afternoon sun, the shades and hue. Breathtaking!


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