Top 3 Photos of 2014

Here we are. It is the last day of 2014. A good day to review the best photos I took this year. These are my top 3 favorite pictures (today!) of 2014. In February, I visited Malaga, SpainThis is the port of the Andalusian city at dusk, taken from the Gibralfaro castle. On the horizon you can see the mountains of Africa.

Malaga, view of port and lighthouse at twilight, Andalusia, Spain

Malaga, Spain

At the end of March, in Venice, I spent an evening trying to capture the light trails left by a boat on the Grand Canal with a long exposure time. This is my favorite picture of that night.

View of the Grand Canal from the Accademia Bridge at night, Venice, Veneto, Italy

Venice, Italy

Less is more. In October, there is often haze on Lake Garda. When I saw this pier with a gate appearing in the fog I immediately thought of a symmetrical and simple black and white image.

Pier with gate in the mist on Lake Garda, Bardolino, Italy.

Garda Lake, Italy


20 Responses to “Top 3 Photos of 2014”

  1. eyevpointofview

    Beautiful images. I love the color emphasis you have achieved with such striking imagery/. Very inspiring. I have a hard time selecting the few that I show on each posting. What was your process for selecting the top 3?

    • Antonio Violi

      Thank you very much. To select among your own photos is always difficult. This is why I limited myself to only three favorite photographs. And, maybe today I would have made a different choice. Regards


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