Gate to Nowhere

Pier with gate in the mist on Lake Garda, Bardolino, Italy.

“All paths are the same, leading nowhere. Therefore, pick a path with heart.”Carlos Castaneda

16 Responses to “Gate to Nowhere”

  1. lisacapo

    Antonio….amazing photo!!! Where was it shot and when? I’m starting a new online literary magazine. I’m shooting for a launch June 1. I’d love to use this image in either the first or second issue. I can’t pay at this point. Sorry. The magazine will be called “Sagacious Illumination”. I’m based in Los Angeles. I’m a writer/editor. If you agree, I’d like a bio from you, when & where it was shot, the camera & lens you used and a title for the image. Thank you!
    Lisa Capozzi

    • Antonio Violi

      Thanks Lisa. I took the photo in Bardolino, Lake Garda, Italy. You can use the photo for the web if you provide credits and a link to my site. Please send me your e-mail address for more information. Hello, Antonio

  2. Pear and Bulb

    fantastic! i love this pic!!!!!!!
    best regards: bulb


    Much easier said than done yet a wonderful linear analogy!


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