Venice, Grand Canal at Night

View of the Grand Canal from the Accademia Bridge at night, Venice, Veneto, Italy

Venice, Grand Canal

That evening, we were several photographers on the Accademia Bridge shooting the same stretch of the Grand Canal in Venice. It was my second night on that Bridge. This time I wanted to capture the movement of a Vaporetto navigating along the Grand Canal with a long exposure shoot. I made several attempts but most of the time the waves were on the Grand Canal made the Vaporetto sway and its light streaks were zigzagging. Ugly! But not on in this frame: finally the waves on the Grand Canal calmed down and eventually the strips of light were straight.

18 Responses to “Venice, Grand Canal at Night”

    • Antonio Violi

      Thank you Frank. I just finished to read your very interesting post “Pronto Sono Spinella”.
      In the photo above I used a Canon 6D with the Canon 17-40 f4 lens.

  1. smithiesshutter

    Every photo that you post is perfection. Though I love to visit India, you have single handedly persuaded me to reappraise my future travel plans.


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