The Big Tree

This is the black and white version of a photo I already posted:  The Lonesome Reader.  Which one do you prefer?

Big ficus macrophylla tree, Reggio Calabria, Italy.

Ficus Macrophylla Tree, Reggio Calabria, Italy.

11 Responses to “The Big Tree”

  1. smithiesshutter

    Normally I would go with the mono version but your colour image, which is actually a different crop, seems to have the life needed to make it a better picture. I agree with Murray, in this version the tree is too bright and contrasty and therefore rather dominant. It does show how you can make two completely different images from the same picture.

  2. Nanegrub

    Pas mal l’idée de poster deux fois la même photo avec à chaque fois un titre différent invitant le visiteur à poser son regard sur une nouvelle partie de la photo, soit le lecteur solitaire soit l’arbre majestueux. Photo magnifique, comme d’habitude!

  3. Dalo 2013

    great shot of the man reading the paper…such a serene environment. feels like it is me in the shot!

  4. Sandy Frykholm

    I like the color (which doesn’t actually have a LOT of color). It seems to have more depth, and I agree with Murray that the tree takes the focus in the b/w version, but there is a lot of interest in the man in the picture.

    • Antonio Violi

      Many thanks for your comment Sandy. Regarding the color: You’re right, the photo has a slight copper tone.

  5. vera ersilia

    Non e’ possibile che un tale albero non prenda il soppravento visivo nell’immagine. Io prefererisco il mono-tono dato che anche l’alra versione e’
    quasi monocromatica dato appunto il colore e l’imponenente massa plastica dell’albero stesso. La figura umana per me sta a contrasseganare il rapporto fra la natura smisurata e indifferente ( vedi Leopardi ) e l’esistenza effimera dell’uomo – che poveraccio qui resta anch’esso indifferente alla potente bellezza dell’albero preso com’e’ dalle piccolezze della sua vita. Quinid io vedo il colore forte dell’albero a ben rappresentare le cose. Ed i lampioni, che pure fanno un bel contrasto, ci dicono che i lumi non bastano per capire il mondo.

    • Antonio Violi

      Molte grazie Vera per le tue osservazioni interessanti. Interessante anche il tuo rimando a Leopardi.

  6. Murray Foote

    Interesting question. I’d like to like the mono version but the colour works better for me at this stage. In that one I like the tonality of the top of the tree and the reader stands out well because of the flesh tones. Even in the colour one I wonder whether it would work better if you subtly slightly cooled the warm parts of the tree lit by the street light while leaving the reader and bench as they are. That might give a little more depth and separation.

    For the mono version, I think the tree has become too bright and takes the focus away from the reader. Holding it back may help. Alternatively or as well, I also wonder whether combining two differently toned versions might work. Start perhaps with a grey-blue tree and blend it back until it balances, either to show a contrast or for a subtle distinction that people don’t really notice. Might not work but it just strikes me as an intriguing idea.

    • Antonio Violi

      Many thanks for your interesting comment Murray. I agree with you, in this version, the tree is clearly the main subject. Perhaps the appropriate title of the post is “The Big Tree”.


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