Siracusa, the Island of Ortigia

The island of Ortigia (Ortygia) is on the Ionian coast of Sicily. Around the eighth century B.C. settlers from Greece founded on this small island the city of Siracusa (Syracuse). In the following centuries Siracusa has expanded to the mainland. The heart of Siracusa, however, remained always on Ortigia.

Ortigia, eastern seafront at sunrise.
Eastern Seafront

In our days Ortigia is connected to the mainland by three bridges and is densely built, so that sometimes you forget to be on an island. At this point it is necessary to take a walk all along the coast to make sure that you are on an island. I did it.

Siracusa, Ortigia, eastern seafront.
Eastern Seafront
Maniace Castle, Ortigia, Siracusa.
Maniace Castle
Lungomare Alfeo, Ortigia, Siracusa.
Lungomare Alfeo
Ortigia, the tourist wharf.
Tourist Wharf
Ortigia's waterfront with fishing boats docked, Siracusa, Sicily.
North Quay

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