Cefalù, a Medieval Seaside Town in Sicily

Cefalù is a charming fishing town of ancient origins on the Tyrrhenian coast of Sicily. One of those seaside towns that I like so much.  The atmosphere is typically Mediterranean. Seascapes, cityscapes and historic buildings: a great place to photograph.

Cefalù. The town and the huge rock.

The town lies at the foot of a huge rock.

Besides the huge rock, the most important landmark of the town is the big Norman Duomo, the Cathedral of the twelfth century. The scenery, the excellent traditional food and the many wine bars put Cefalù on top of my list of places to visit again.

Cefalù, view from the rock.

Cefalù seen from the rock.

Cefalù, Norman Duomo.

Norman Duomo

Cefalù, the dock.

The dock.

Cefalù, Porta Pescara.

Talks between Sicilians.

Cefalù. The beach.

The beach.

The seaside town of Cefalù with the illuminated Duomo, Sicily, Italy.

The seaside town of Cefalù with the illuminated Duomo, Sicily, Italy.

9 Responses to “Cefalù, a Medieval Seaside Town in Sicily”

  1. Redazione

    Ci sono stata 15 anni fa durante una gita scolastica. Un posto che mi è rimasto nel cuore, bellissimo, gente solare e cibo buonissimo.
    Ci ritornerò prima o poi.
    Foto stupende, complimenti.
    Buona giornata 🙂

    • Antonio Violi

      Molte grazie. Concordo pienamente con te: a Cefalù bisogna tornarci. Un saluto.

  2. Birgit Fohlert

    Ho visto Cefalù 3 anni passati….e’ veramente una città molto bella. Sulla fotografia sembra essere già in Africa. Bellissima fotografia! Saluti da Birgit – Ulm

  3. lightfellow

    Sicily is high up my to go list, but I’ve never heard of this town before. I will love to check this out someday!

  4. JF

    Reblogged this on closetoeighty and commented:
    Antonio Violi’s blog is an immense treasure. Here is only a tiny part of it.
    Let’s enjoy this post together and thank Antonio for sharing his work with us!


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