Randazzo Train Station

Circumetnea, by train around Mount Etna.

It is one of the things to do in Sicily: a ride on the Ferrovia Circumetnea, the railroad around Mount Etna. It is a convenient way to visit towns around Etna and have nice views of the volcano. A great way to photograph the volcano from various angles.

Train Station Catania Borgo

Train Station Catania Borgo

The ashes of the eruptions of the Etna volcano made the soil around very prolific. All around Mount Etna grow oranges, pistachios, raisins, olives and many other vegetables. In 1895 a railroad was built to transport this products to the ports of Catania and Riposto. In our day, the train serves primarily the residents of the Etna villages in their journeys to and from Catania.

Mount Etna

Mount Etna, just outside the city of Catania.

Ferrovia Circumetnea

The railway on the lava plateau with Etna on the left.

Macchinista Circumetnea

The train driver.

Mount Etna

Etna shortly before arriving to Randazzo.

Randazzo Train Station

Randazzo  Train Station


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6 Responses to “Circumetnea, by train around Mount Etna.”

  1. frankspinelli

    ciao, antonio,
    gorgeous photos. especially interested in the ghost town in calabria. is that near bova marina? i’m also spending three nights in my grandmother’s town of polizzi generosa, have you been in that area, it abuts the madonie park in sicily. then touring to agrigento and syracusa. love looking at your photos! best, frank

    • Antonio Violi

      Hello Frank, all the ghost towns in this blog are located within about 25 km around Bova Marina. I’ve never been in Polizzi Generosa, but I have been to Cefalu and Gangi: both near Polizzi and both fantastic. I wish you a good trip and send me a link when you post the pictures you’ve taken in Italy. Regards, Antonio


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