Catania, Sicily.

Catania, the City of the Etna

When walking around Catania (Sicily), the white outline of Mount Etna covered with snow and the dark color of the lava stone monuments and roads are a constant reminder of the nearby volcano. Throughout its history, the city was repeatedly destroyed by earthquakes, eruptions and wartime events. And, every time Catania managed to rise again from its ashes. However, in Catania there is not only the volcano. I found out that there’s much more to see…

Fontana dell'elefante, Catania
U'liotru, Catania
Piazza Duomo, Catania.
Piazza Duomo, Catania.
Teatro Massimo V. Bellini, Catania
Via Crociferi, Catania
Teatro Greco, Catania

One of the most interesting and lively places in Catania is the Pescheria, the fish market.

Catania - La Pescheria Fish Market
Catania - La Pescheria Fish Market

The fish of the “Pescheria” must be fresh. The port is located a hundred meters away.

Porto di Catania
La costa di Catania.

The Etna eruptions are frequent. With a little luck you can witness this spectacle of nature when you’re in Catania. I had good luck.

Catania, eruzione dell'Etna.

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