Sasso Barisano, the "Sassi" of Matera.

Matera, the “Sassi”

Matera, in the Basilicata region, is not a well-known town outside of Italy. Although, perhaps, many have already seen some glimpses of the town in a few international movies of religious character. The most famous is probably “The Passion of the Christ” by Mel Gibson.

Matera, Gravina

The town of Matera from across the ravine.

The city is known for its exceptional Old Town, especially for their distinctive settlements, the “Sassi“. This Sassi, stones, are an extraordinary example of cave settlements in the Mediterranean region.Inhabited since the Neolithic area, Matera can be regarded as one of the oldest cities in the world. In 1993 it was inscribed in UNESCO World Heritage list.

Matera,Sasso Barisano

Sasso Barisano.

Matera has been for me a memorable experience. But too short! I just had the time for some cityscapes. Matera is not a city to visit in a hurry. I will return with lot more time.

Sasso Barisano, the "Sassi" of Matera.

Sasso Barisano

Sasso Barisano, the "Sassi" of Matera.

Sasso Barisano at sunrise

Matera, Sasso Caveoso

Sasso Caveoso.

Matera, Sasso Barisano

The Civita and the Sasso Barisano by night.


5 Responses to “Matera, the “Sassi””

  1. Debra Kolkka

    We loved our visit to Matera. We went on an Italian public holiday, which was a bit unfortunate as the place was packed. We need to go back when it is not so busy to have a better look.


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