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The abandoned village of Roghudi, Calabria, Italy.

Roghudi Ghost Town

Old Roghudi (Roghudi Vecchio in Italian) is a ghost town in Calabria region, southern Italy. The inhabitants were shepherds and farmers. Floods and landslides forced people to abandon Roghudi forever in 1971. The old ruins of Roghudi still cling to the rock overlooking the Amendolea river.

Roghudi Ghost Town

The inhabitants of the old Roghudi belonged to the Calabrian Greek linguistic minority. Later, they were all moved to the new town of Roghudi, forty km away. Nowadays only a few people speak the Greek of Calabria dialect.

Roghudi Ghost Town
Old abandoned kitchen, Roghudi, Calabria, Italy.
Old abandoned moka coffee pot, Roghudi, Calabria, Italy.


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6 Responses to “Roghudi Ghost Town”

  1. Michelle | Bleeding Espresso

    Oh my, I would love to have that moka pot! I live not terribly far from the Aspromonte, and my town looks quite similar, although we still have about 350 or so souls up here on the hill in Badolato 🙂 Great photos; will share on FB & Twitter now.


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