Palizzi, a Journey Through Time

“No wilder,  nor more extraordinary place than Palizzi can well greet artist’s eye” – Edward Lear, 1847

Well, Palizzi is no longer as wild as in the days of Edward Lear, in 1847. The roads are paved and most houses have electricity and running water. However, the setting is still extraordinary.

The village of Palizzi Superiore at dusk,Calabria
Palizzi at dusk

Palizzi is a village of medieval origins. Located at the bottom of a valley, the hamlet is surrounded by a landscape of rocks and old ruins that emerge here and there between the vegetation. A huge rock overlooks the village. At the top of this rock, there are the ruins of a medieval castle.

Palizzi Superiore

Nowadays the village is almost abandoned. Only a few people still live in Palizzi all year round. They produce a fine wine and still follow the quiet pace of the old days.

Palizzi, Castello
The ruins of the old castle

Chiesa di Sant'Anna
St. Anna church

Procession of St. Anna
St. Anna procession

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