Pentedattilo Ghost Town

Abandoned more than 40 years ago, the village of Pentedattilo is a veritable open-air museum clinging to a sandstone rock shaped like a hand. It’s one of the most scenic locations in Calabria, southern Italy, and one of my favorite places to photograph. The name of the village comes from the greek Pentedàktylos and means five fingers, like the five strange pinnacles of the giant hand of sandstone that dominates the old town.

Last update: 21 december 2016

3 Responses to “Pentedattilo Ghost Town”

  1. Sandy Frykholm

    Are you familiar with the book “Village Justice” by Prof. Thomas Astarita? It deals with a court case in Pentedatillo in the 1600s I believe. I enjoyed reading it a few years ago–and will be reviewing it on my blog one of these days. Thanks for the interesting post and photos!

  2. Filomena Marano-D'Aloia

    I love your photographs.
    We returned from Australia to our native town of Sant’Angelo in Grotte, Isernia, Molise.
    It only has 150 inhabitants.
    The main reason is that we love this town and do not want it to become a ghost town. We tell everyone about it and are having many visitors. Hoping some of the empty houses will sell and people will use them.
    Thank you for taking beautiful pictures.


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