The hilltop village of Bova at dusk, Calabria

Bova, “Greece” in Southern Italy

Bova is a hilltop village in Calabria, southern Italy. Located more than 800 meters above sea level, this ancient town is made up of steep alleys and stairways. To reach the top of the village, you need to be fit. Needless to say, the view from up there is fantastic. Bova is the cultural center of Calabrian Greek linguistic minority and most road signs are bilingual.

Bova, steamlocomotive.
Bova, alleyway.
Bova, road signs.
Signs in Italian and Calabrian Greek
Bova, Camel Dance.
Camel dance

14 Responses to “Bova, “Greece” in Southern Italy”

  1. George christakis

    I have done some research about your town and I a very impressed.

  2. frankspinelli

    my name is frank spinelli. my grandfather, filippo spinella, was born in bova marina (family members always chided him for being half “greek”). i’m going to be there in less than one month to look for any relatives. sadly, i do not have much in documentation, but what i do have, thanks to your site here, and the demografica.bovamarina, link may help. meanwhile, i am a professional photographer and enjoyed your photographs of the region. thank you for being there! frank

    • Antonio Violi

      Hi Frank, you picked a good season to go to Calabria. Not too hot yet and the scenery is still quite green. Too bad I’m in Switzerland otherwise we could do a photo tour together. I wish you a good stay. Regards.

      • frankspinelli

        Ciao Antonio,
        Thank you for your response, I am looking forward to trooping the hills of southern Calabria. I am hoping to stay in Bova. Can you recommend a place to stay?
        Regards, Frank

  3. Assias Petros

    I am impressed with the similarity of dialect Grico in Calabria with the Cypriot dialect. I’m sure if Cypriots visit the area, they can easily communicate with the locals.

  4. Anthony Viola


    My name is Anthony Viola. I have been tracing family roots lately, and I found my grandfather’s arrival at Ellis Island with the place of birth listed as Bova Marina. I wonder if you could direct me to any resources that could help me trace his ancestry. I have run into a brick wall at

    PS: I love your work and pictures.


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