Taormina, a Town With a View

Taormina, Sicily, has the most fantastic view that you can have on Mount Etna. And, just below the volcano, the town overlooks a vast stretch of the Ionian coast too. This breathtaking beauty of the landscape and the artistic heritage have made Taormina famous throughout the world. And, as if all this were not enough, on a rock overlooking the sea, there is one of the finest theaters of antiquity.

Taormina with Etna volcano.

The town with Etna volcano.

Taormina,  beautifully located on a plateau 200 m above the sea, was the first Greek colony in Sicily. These days, Taormina is the first touristic destination on the island and a hot spot of the international jet set.

Taormina, teatro

The Greek-Roman Theater

The theater, Greek in origin, uses the natural terrain. The Romans adapted it to their requirements. In fact, the scenes of the antique theater, with the white marble columns, are from the Roman period; during this time the theater was also used for the fights between gladiators and wild beasts.

Piazza 9 Aprile

Piazza 9 Aprile

Il Duomo di Taormina.


La spiaggia di Mazzarò

Mazzarò beach

Isolabella aTaormina


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