Back in Old Roghudi Featured

The ghost town of Roghudi Vecchio (Old Roghudi) is one of my favorite places. Nevertheless, it’s been several years since my last visit. Located in a deep gorge of the Aspromonte massif, the road to get there is awful, too bad for my small city car. Read more


Seville, Plaza de España

Plaza de España is an architectural complex located in the Parque Maria Luisa of Seville. It was the principal building of the Ibero-American Exposition that took place in Seville in 1929. The building is semicircular in shape and represents the embrace of Spain to its ancient colonies and looks towards the Guadalquivir river that symbolizes the road to follow to America. Read more

Seville, Sunset on the River


From the historic center of Seville, going up the Guadalquivir river for a few hundred meters, you will meet two landmarks of modern Seville. Torre Sevilla (left), completed a couple of years ago, is the only skyscraper in Seville. The Torre Schindler panoramic tower, built for the Expo ’92 Universal Exposition, has a ship-shaped floor plan and stands in the river water.


Triana Bridge and Guadalquivir river at night in Seville.

Seville, the Guadalquivir River

Seville owes its fortune to the river that runs through it, the Río Guadalquivir. The river is navigable from Seville to its mouth on the Atlantic Ocean. After the discovery of America, the river harbor of Seville was considered the safest port to bring the riches from the New World, beginning its Golden Age. Read more